Everyone likes beautiful things, and of course, they want their nails to be  pretty.

What I will  share today is fake nails, which can save your time and money,also very  fashion.

If you’re  interested in bright color combinations,I think this is the style for you.There are 24 pieces,12sizes in a set, which are composed of different crafts.They are  solid color,aurora color, and glitter.It is medium length french manicure.

In just 5 minutes you can make nails as beautiful as salon manicures.

How to use?Follow me:

1.Clean the nails.

2.Choose the right nail size .

3.Paste the back glue on the nail,tear off the protective film,and then paste the nail plate.

4.Fit the nail plate and press for 15 seconds.

(Try not to touch the water for 2 hours after the above method is completed)