What you Need to Know about the New Trendy Pink with Golden Glitter Press-On.

Salon visits for nail appointments can become hectic especially if you are always busy. Press-on nails are an easier and better alternative for people who just want to have nice nails without spending a lot of time on them. They are also a great option when you only want to dress up for an event and resume your daily duties later on. If you are looking for a quick solution for your short and weak nails, you should consider trying our new nail trend the pink with golden glitter press on nails. You will be obsessed with these press-on nails once you try them.

 Pink with Golden Glitter MNSL

How to Apply Pink with Glitter Press On Nails

You only need to have a manicure kit, the pink with glitter press on nails of your choice, and nail glue to properly apply a long-lasting set. The process is very easy and will consume only a few seconds of your day. You can also buy a kit that has all the application requirements. Below are guidelines on how to apply this press on a manicure set.

  • Start by picking a nail design, shape, pattern, and nail size that perfectly suits you. Lay out the sizes that match your ten fingers on a flat surface.
  • Give the press-on nails a manicure. You can start by trimming the fake nails and filing them to an appropriate length and shape. They are customizable to a size that best fits you.
  • Use a nail polish remover to get rid of any nail polish or residues on your nails. Also, perform a simple manicure while ensuring that your cuticles are cut and pushed back.
  • Prepare the surface of your nail for press-on application by putting a layer of clear polish on your nails. This layer will ensure that your nails remain protected from any chemicals used to manufacture the glue used. 
  • Once the clear polish has dried up, wash your hands to ensure they are clean and dry.
  • Finally, you can apply your press on nails starting with your pinkie nail. Apply a small amount of glue to each press-on nail and press onto each nail. 

How to Remove the Pink with Glitter Press on Nails

You should learn the proper way of removing our press-on nails to ensure that your nails are not damaged. Using the right way will also make the process easier for you. You should never pull them off to retain healthy nails. Here are 3 ways of removing the press on nails and the glue used in its application.

  • You can use cuticle oil to get rid of the press nails. Apply the cuticle oil all around the press on the nail using a soaked cotton ball. Leave the oil on your nails for a few minutes then remove them or let them fall off.
  • Our press-on nails can also be removed using acetone warmed in hot water. Put some acetone in a bawl and warm it with boiled water. Dip your fingers into the acetone once it is warm enough for up to 10 minutes. When done with the removal process, ensure that you oil your fingers to avoid being affected by acetone’s drying effect.
  • The last method you can use is nail clips. You will need either acetone or cuticle oil when using nail clips to remove the stick on. Your body temperature will serve as the heat source instead of having to warm the acetone. 



Can you Reuse the Pink with Golden Glitter Press-On?

Yes. This is one advantage our clients get since they can reuse these beauties severally. All you need to do is get rid of the initial glue or polish still stuck on the sets. You can use either cuticle oil or a nail polish remover that is not acetone based. When properly cleaned, you can always wear your press on to similar events or styles after one use. 

Will the Press-on Damage your Actual Nails?

Our press-on nails will not cause any damage to your nails. You however have a responsibility of ensuring that your fake nails are applied properly and removed following the right procedure. You should also be careful when choosing other products such as glue, cuticle oil, and acetone that accompany the use of this product. Finally, always ensure that you oil your hands and fingers carefully after an application or removal process. A quality base coat and simple manicure will also go a long way in ensuring the safety of your real nails. The pink with golden glitter stick-on will not damage your nails.

If you need convincing, then here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing our pink with golden glitter press-on nails to one of your events. 

  1. There is a Style to Suit Everyone

Press-on nails are currently made in various styles and sizes. The main reason is that we want every client's needs met. Everyone gets a design that perfectly fits their nails when it comes to pink with golden glitter press on nails from our brand. The press-on nails are made also in various shapes ensuring that you are not left out. The designs in which the glittery details are applied also differ allowing you to select a style that matches the occasion. Some designs are simple and in one shade and have minimal glitters for those looking for a simple classic look. 

  1. Allows you to Explore various Styles.

Whenever you book an appointment with your saloons, it means that you will have to keep your nails for a month or so. Unlike gel manicures, press-on nails give you the freedom to try out different designs and themes when you feel like it. They won't cost you much yet you will experiment with them during various events even within the same week. Since the pink with golden glitter press-on nails design is made in a variety of styles, you can change them anytime. You can also repeat a set in just a couple of days. They are easy to apply and remove at your convenience. 

  1. Keeps your Under Nails Safe

Most people often find themselves chewing on their nails, or cutting their cuticles. This destroys your nails and makes them look ugly. Gel and acrylics will not fully protect your nails since you can still access them. With these pink with golden glitter press on nails, your nails will remain safe since they act as a barrier. They are also applied using glue which comes off easily and will not cause any damage to your nails. If you are tired of having to go back to the salon every time you want to take a set off, you should probably try out our new trendy press on nails. 

  1. They are the Current Trend This Year

Nobody wants to be left out of fashions and trends these days. Although professional nail art is done by many people, press-on nails are starting to pick up even more. Most nail artists now prefer press on nails more than other trends. People have realized that press on will allow them to try every wild style they have always dreamed of. You can also join into the raging press on nails trend by getting yourself a set or more of our pink with golden glitter press on nails. The press on can also be altered further into other preferable customized designs. There are also sets that have designs you have probably seen with your favourite media personality and would love to wear too.

  1. Quick and Effortless Application and are Long-lasting. 

Putting on press on nails is very easy and needs zero effort. You can have trouble telling the right size for your nails but can never struggle to wear them perfectly. All you need to know is how to apply the right amount of glue. Our pink with golden glitter press on nails last up to a week when glued the right way. Your press-on nail set will retain its colour, shine and shape for long and will not chip. You can also change or redo a set that comes out by applying glue. 


Wearing press on is increasingly becoming a glamorous trend. You should not let it pass by you if you are an event dresser with limited salon time. Our nails sometimes cause a lot of embarrassment when with friends and family since they are weak and we are humans with habits. But with the new press-on nails trend, everyone is now able to keep a nice manicure set without even struggling. All you need is a quality set, glue, and a simple manicure. You can join in by simply ordering a pink with glitter set that perfectly suits your occasion style. You no longer have to make appointments and wear a similar style for a long period just because you do not have enough time to visit your salon. Explore press on nails, maybe you will love them from the word go.